Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Explosive Mind...

Hmph. I honestly don't even know where to start. My mind is racing, literally. First Off, i have a few "first offs" 1) I am NOT prefect by no means, nor will I ever claim to be. 2) This may not be your typical topic of interest for a blog site but, get out of your comfort zone-READ IT. 3) NO, I won't use this as a place to "preach"--I just have a lot on my mind right now. And 4) If you don't agree with the things I say, thats perfectly fine-everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Now...So its Wednesday night, I just got back from church and it was an awesome experience. Something to fulfill that void that can sometimes be overwhelming when you move to a new area, and begin a TOTALLY differernt life. I pretty much just have a ton of random things to say that I hope will touch someONE...ANYONE. I was itching to share this SO bad I could barely focus on the rest of the message tonight (ADD much?).

First off- YOU are NOTHING without GOD. Never forget that.
--You're not who the world says you are, you're who God says you are. Don't let the lies of satan and this filthy world consume you. And if you ever do get to that point where you're consumed by them and can't seem to get away...don't freak. Sometimes being at the "end of your rope" is the best place to be...because then you have no where else to turn. Look UP. If you feel like a failure, don't worry, its normal. Instead of pondering and sulking in your own failure, seek the Glory that God gives you. He won't force you to take it...but He does offer it and you do have the choice. >>Deutteronomy 8:6 "Observe the commands of the LORD your God, walking in his ways and revering him."<<
p.s. God is!

OK...phew, moving on.
I'm not sure why this is on my mind but i just felt the need to talk about it. =] So, im getting married in just a short time...8 months!! OMG it seems crazy to even think about but, i'm so excited. I've been engaged to the most wonderful guy that I have ever met for almost a year and 7 months now. Yes i know, its been a long engagement but, we're both still in school and young so we have to make sure we make "mature decisions" and be very responsible about it. This Christmas will be 5 years that we have been dating-never broken up and very rarely do we fight. Now, don't get me wrong, we have our fair share of disagreements but, we're both super sensitive so we can't stay mad very long (believe me, i try). I love him more than he will ever know. He IS my prince charming. We have a very special and unique relationship. I don't know how everyone else's relationships are but, i feel like ours is different. It's not always about having everything peachy and going exactly the way YOU want it should bring you such contentment by making the other person feel that way. Regardless of what the circumstances or consquesnces may be. Sacrifices aren't always easy to make but, they're usually worth it. My friends are all SO SO SO awesome. I'm blessed beyond measure to have them in my life. I'm literally tearing up right now just thinking about it. I treasure friendship more than most things..sometimes a little too much maybe?? I refuse to let someone talk about my friends. I will defend them at ALL times, even if I do end up wrong in the end (then i'll take care of it with that person lol). Woah, way off track. Like I was saying, my friends are all so super supportive of my relationship and it makes it soo easy. [if you're reading this, i love you more than you will ever even begin to think about!!!] I was talking to some friends just a few nights ago, just being completely open and honest (NOT a hard thing for me to do..if you know me then you know exactly what I mean) and within minutes (like 2 tweets literally) I was on a cloud. Friends always know just the right things to say at the right times..thats TRUE friendship. I'll show ya...

"P.S. @corysamples is an INSPIRATION to me! She is getting married soon and is pure. She's waiting for her wedding night. GOD bless her!! Xox"

"She is SO gorgeous, and her purity and loyalty and patience and love truly makes her SHINE. I love you SO much @corysamples! You inspire me!"

...I NEVER regret the decisions i've made for myself nor will I EVER lower my standards for anyone but, sometimes you just kinda lose focus as to what and why you're doing what you're doing..?? That tends to happen to me every now and then because it's been so long of a relationship. (times--he is totally blowing up my phone with texts right now--"HANG ON, you distracting me from my writing!!" lol) Anyways--BUT just the crazy awesome conversation that we had and those two simple yet SO touching and encouraging tweets just gave me a serious boost that I needed and I wasn't even aware of. Thank YOU sooo much && i can't tell you enough how much I LOVE YOU. (who said it you had to be friends longer than a few weeks to get there?? psh.)

And for you GIRLS--Don't be fooled by what this world portrays as "in" or "cool". Set you're OWN standards, make you're OWN decisions, NEVER feel as if you have to justify what you think/feel/believe, and DO NOT stoop to a lower level or settle for less just for a short "pleasure" (and no i don't necessarily mean sex).

Okkk....I think i'm done. Sorry SO random and hoppy topic-y. More blogs to come and they'll most likely be more entertaining than this one...not SO serrrous! I love you all & you are beautiful. ... SHOUT OUT to my Y5 girls--YOU ROCK MY SOX OFF!!!!! <3 yall forever and always!!! *CLAMP*


First times are always scary...

YAY! Whoop de do!! Finally made me a blog cause ya know, I don't have ANYTHING else to do with my time- I don't go to school full time attempting to get a degree or anything :-\ why not blog it upp?! soo new to this and im not exactly a pro blogger yet so this is kinda scary. Don't worry though...i'll have TONS of crazy thoughts and feelings splattered all over this thing before long (THAT could be scary). I catch on quick =]

Have an awesome && blessed day lovelys!