Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yeah so it's been a WHILE since i've blogged last. Myy badd. School has been keeping me super busy WAY busy. College can be a bit overwhelming at times but, it'll all be worth it sooner or later! Fair warning: this blog will be very random and i will be playing idea hop scotch so...beware!

First off, I just wanna say thank you to the people that commented me on my last blog. Whether it was a comment on here, twitter, or in person, whatever, thank you SO much. It means more than you'll ever know. me and one of my roommates got home about 8:00 and decided to go on a bike ride. We ended up riding COMPLETELY around the town that we live in (which is pretty big) and it was a bit scary with all the traffic..not mention it was dark. We were getting close to our house and like 3 cop cars fly by us with their sirens on. I immediately freak out cause they were "going in the direction" of our house. Thats just how I am though and i've alwas been like that. So we keep peddling our little hearts out. Get closer and and see the cops AND ambulance pulling outta the first entrance (we live on the 2nd) and then they go to the 2nd entrance. So now we're really freaking. Anyways we turn in and see all the cops and the ambulance and all. Come to find out, some idiot drunk guy was driving crazy and hit all the mailboxes. Needless to say, he got cuffed. It was really scary in the beginning but, it turned out pretty exciting/entertaining after we realized no one was hurt. Oh the joys of college life! :P currently on my mind is Miles :( She is bery sick. I think it's the season or something because I know a lot of people have been sick lately. I've been battling a pretty bad head cold/sinus infection for a few days now but, i'm hoping it's getting better. But anyways, yall keep her in your prayers, she really needs it. God is good and He will take care of us though...just gotta give it to Him! <3

Next idea-WEDDING PLANNING. Ahh!! Only 7 months now!! This is sooo crazy to me. I can't believe it's coming so quick. I wish I could explain the feeling it gives you but, its impossible unless you've experienced it. And im sure you will someday :) But, I have got to get on the ball! I have a really big family and a TON of friends and same goes for John. So we're gonna have a pretty decent size wedding. lol. I think I have like 12-14ish bridesmaids/groomsmen. That's a lot. But i dont care...I only get to do it once so ima do it how I want it! Oh yeah! We have a wedding website by the way. I almost forgot about it..and it hasn't been updated lately but I will get on that pronto! check it out :)

hmm...My eyes are uber sleepy right now. And I have a killer week ahead. Tests tests tests. I probably shouldn't wait so long to blog because I have too much running through my head I can't seem to sort it all out to type it. lol. But anyways, i guess i should mosey on to bed pretty soon. Thanks for taking the time to read guys. I love you all and you're amazing!
REMEMBER: God is the!!

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  1. It's always good reading your blogs... kind of make my day haha =] and.. its good to have you back

    God bless you Cory and hope you feel so much better by now!!