Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Twitlonger" from my mind and heart racing at 4am

This is a tweet that I wrote last night when I was wide awake from 2:30 until about 5am.'s honest. I dare you to read it though :)

"Religion" and "christianity" is not a competition. That's how it's portrayed these days though and, it really bothers me. NO ONE is "better than" someone else or a "better christian". It just doesn't work like that. Now I myself, am a "christian". I don't typically like using that term about it tho because its been so loosely distributed these days that we've almost let it lose its true meaning. I'm a follower of Christ, point blank. Think what you want to of me, I personally don't care. In the end, it won't matter what people's opinion's about me are...I'll be judged by God and God alone. So, no stress! :) Anyways, I've been struggling personally now for some time, a few weeks, months maybe. I've done/said/thought some things that were NOT suitable for the life and the path I've chosen to take. I'm admitting that. I fail, MANY MANY times. And I will in the future as well. But God SOMEhow gives me the strength to get up and go again. Faith isn't an easy thing to deal with. It puts you in some really hard situations for sure but, they aren't impossible believe me.

And before this turns into what some are gonna feel as a "sermon", its not. I'm sorry if you feel that way but, just cause I'm talking about God and faith doesn't mean I'm "preaching". Everyone is entitled to their own opinion without it being "forceful", so let me do the same please. I would NEVER try to force religion on someone. Everlasting faith is a GIFT. Have you even been forced to take a gift? Literally forced? No. Its one's choice to take this gift, if you choose to not accept, so be it. There IS a's not just some "myth" or story. Fyi. So, I decided to share about the gift I've received..doesn't mean I'm trying to change somone OR make them believe something. I care because I love people and I want them to make the right decisions but, in the end, I'm not gonna stress myself out to the max over people that aren't receptive. I've got my gift (yeah, sounds real "self absorbed" huh? Totally didn't mean it like that) and I'm happy. You can only "help" to a certain extent. Don't try to make your life someone else's. They can and WILL choose what THEY want in the end. Been there, done that, learned from it.

So, I could sit here and give my whole testimony but, NOT gonna attempt that on my phone. I'm thinking about blogging it later. But, I have strong beliefs, strong faith (YES I do make mistakes and I am so far from perfect that its ridiculous and I never will be) and I will never just "keep quite" about it. I'm sorry if you're no way shape or form am I intending on that. And if I have, PLEASE come to me about it. I'd be happy to explain or talk it out. I love people SO much. Seriously, if you "know" me you should be able to tell that. I care about my friends (even the ones that aren't my "best friends") to an extent that if I think they are not doing right then yeah, I'll go to them about it. I DON'T preach/teach/force anything on them, I SHARE. And not once have they not been appreciative. As a friend, I'm willing to hear what you have to say as well. Who said everyone agreed on ONE thing? No one. Ok wow, rambling. Anyways, gonna finish up now. Basically I just wanted to say that there IS a God. There IS a heaven and a hell. It's not something you can play with. If I need to "back myself up" I can. The Bible says it all. I don't want it to be a "war"....IM JUST SHARING. Take it, read it, think about it. If you hate it all, well, disregard this whole tweet and I'm sorry. It IS your CHOICE. But don't overlook stuff because this world has an amazing talent at masking things. I won't even start on that though.

I love you all...and always will.

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