Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ha! Okieee dokieee. Now for some of my random thoughts. Im warning you all though, it's honest, brutal (in a good way), straightforward, and MY OPINION. I'm not looking to start a "war" from it either so if you're offended I am sorry. I don't want to be rude but, im just gonna go ahead and tell you, you may not wanna read my blogs cause they WILL hit some "spots". Just know....this stuff came from my heart and is a message from God. Im not trying to be all "spiritual" and "thou art holy" but, its time these things be brought up and discussed and this is where I feel the need to do it.

Society and the world these days have a way of over analyzing things, the Bible for one, and completely taking it out of context. Stop THINKING so hard amd start FEELING. Contrary to popular belief, it's not always "mind over matter" :)

I understand that everyone DOES NOT feel the same way I do or even have the same beliefs as me. If you havent read my "twitlonger" post, i would suggest that you do that before reading this post. You'll understand much more. But if there is any doubt in anyone's mind that there IS a God then first off, you're very badly mistaken. Second off, there's a book that explains everything you need to know, read it. (thats the Bible btw lol) Also, I encourage you to read the book of Revelations. Just do it, you'll see why.

Is a life of partying and so called "fun" really worth an eternity in hell? stop and think....
People don't hesitate to makes sacrifices in everyday life for the things they WANT, so why hesitate about eternal life?

Rude comments, bitterness, "threats", harshness...none of that can bring fear like the fear of God. It's so easy to be mistaken as "strong". There's a fine line between strength and weakness. PRIDE is a deadly thing. IT can kill the spirit, don't let it dwell within you. Pretending to be strong is weaker than anything. Face the facts.

Practice what you preach..BE DIFFERENT. "Sin" is NOT the new "thing". Numbers dont mean a thing. Just because half of the world thinks that it is, doens't mean its right. You're so willing to "step out" and be somebody, so do it. But I wanna see you try to be somebody without God. Good Luck!

And...these are just some quotes. They're (along with everything i've written) so relateable because ive BEEN THERE. I've been that person so im speaking from experience.

"Excusing things as an act of 'coincidence' rather then God...our favorite excuse"
"A defensive demeanor is a sure sign of one's conscience rumbling"
"Who cares if you get the last word, as long as you got the RIGHT word"

And thats it!

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